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These days, virtually anyone can shoot, edit, and distribute video. But just because we have access to tools doesn’t automatically mean we know how to use them well. Type in “how to edit video” on YouTube, and you’ll be drowning in tutorials showing you how to do X Technique or use Y Software. These videos can be valuable – sometimes the perfect answer for the issue that’s blocking your process. But if you’re looking for real-world knowledge of why and when to use those techniques in the bigger picture of communication, well… that’s a lot more difficult to come by.

And that’s why we’re here. We dare to venture beyond the Techniques and Software into the the realms of “Here’s how to communicate powerfully” and “Here’s how to blow away your audience repeatedly, not just by accident.” We focus on the ideas of creativity and storytelling that exist independently of any plug-in or software.

We know that going the places we go can get certain people really worked up, as if we were insulting their politics, religion, or their mother-in-law. That’s the last thing we want to do – we provide ideas and insights so our members can tell their own stories BETTER. And we also know that we’re striking a chord in our members – people who realize the power of creative growth, people who see first hand the powerful results of integrating the ideas we present into their own projects.

Because that’s when we at The Power Edit are most able to fulfill our mission: to empower content creators to tell the stories that are important to them in the most powerful way possible.

About Jeff Bartsch, Founder

jeff hs-retouch DSC_3839 flopJeff Bartsch is a multi-talented artist, author, and communicator.

A lifelong musician, Jeff began studying piano both classically and by ear at the age of 4. He began dabbling in multi-track recording in junior high, and ended up the one-man band videographer all through high school (back in the days when S-VHS was considered a high-quality mastering format). In college, Jeff studied music composition and worked in radio announcing before moving to Los Angeles in 1999. Instead of pursuing a career in studio music or film composition, he applied for a free internship as an assistant video editor and shocked his future employers by actually showing up. The internship soon became a paid position from which Jeff was later promoted to full editor. Jeff”s work soon expanded to clients that now include ABC, NBC, Universal, Disney, ESPN, MTV, UFC, and many others.

Jeff is the author of EDIT BETTER: Hollywood-Tested Strategies for Powerful Video Editing.  His commentary on editing and the entertainment industry has been featured in multiple textbooks, the Associated Press, USA Today, and TIME Magazine. As principal at Los Angeles-based Resolve Entertainment, his entrepreneurial pursuits promote the art of powerful communication to content creators in over 40 countries across six continents.

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