Reasons to jump ship

jumpshipBrand new blog site, though we’ve been around for a while now.  The Power Edit’s site has been living on other servers, but somehow got tangled up with some spammers inserting shady stuff in our links. Yuck. So I figured, been wanting to break loose of some technical website stuff for quite a while, and the bulk of the content on the other servers is no longer used… ARRGHH. Grit teeth, switch over. If I ever actually need stuff from the other site, it’s accessible. At least by web folk who know what they’re doing.

Ongoing lesson: if the prospect of doing something makes me uncomfortable, that’s usually a sign I need to get over myself and do it.  Embrace the change.  Move on and focus on helping as many people as humanly possible tell better stories.

We help amateur and pro video editors reach the next level of creativity in your editing, no matter your editing tools.