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Would you like to reach your most important professional, creative, or personal goals in a fraction of the time, with a fraction of the endless overthinking and crippling self-doubt?


Fantastic. Read on to find out how.

Why? Are you a glutton for punishment or something?! Read on, and maybe you’ll change your mind.

IF YOU ANSWERED “I’VE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED ALL MY GOALS”: If that’s actually, honestly true, CONGRATULATIONS. And I respectfully propose that you’re thinking too small. Keep reading, because those who achieve their goals are capable of achieving even greater ones that serve an even greater number of people.

IF YOU ANSWERED “I DON’T OVERTHINK AND I HAVE NO SELF DOUBT”: You, my friend, are delusional. You are also probably a male. At least the ladies tend to openly admit these kind of things. (Check this out: Overthinking and self-doubt often show up as the feeling of being stuck – or thinking up perfectly good reasons “why it’ll never work.”) Anyway, you should keep reading too. I’ll bet something will click for you.


From the desk of Jeff Bartsch
Los Angeles, CA

I’m going to assume that you have either a certain amount of dissatisfaction in your life, or something you have yet to achieve.

In which case, I’ll just assume that you either don’t know how to get there, or you do know how to get there and haven’t done it.

Feeling stuck?
Feeling stuck?

Good news: it’s not your fault. Both cases are completely normal, and they happen to everyone.

Yet while most people rationalize away the way things are or resign themselves to a quiet life of disappointment or despair – some people move forward and achieve their most deeply held professional, creative, or personal goals in ways they never could have imagined.

I’m doing it, and I’m here to say that you can too.

So here’s the next question:

Are you dissatisfied enough with the way things are to change them?


Then here’s the hard truth: things will stay the same for you until you find a reason to say yes.

Then you are in the right place. Keep reading.

And know this:

Nobody achieves uncommon success alone. Period.

Look at the highest performing people in the world. They all, every single one of them, have a circle of people advising or supporting them.

Steve Jobs• The Fortune 500 CEO is responsible to, and supported by, the Advisory Board.

• The President has his Cabinet. (Or her Cabinet, if you dig Argentina.)

• The movie star has his or her supporting staff and entourage.

Kobe Bryant• The rockstar athlete has either a team, a coach, or both.

• Iconic authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis met regularly with a trusted circle of fellow authors.

• Iconic industrialists and inventors like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford supported each other in a regular peer network.

Thinkers, entrepreneurs, and creatives are no different in their need to have a circle of support to achieve uncommon results. Thing is, having a circle of support doesn’t just happen. It has to be intentional.

mastermind tableIf you’ve read a hugely popular book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich, you’re familiar with the idea of the Mastermind – a group that uses its collective brain power and experience to support and offer solutions that would never have otherwise come into being.

Faith-based organizations and secular organizations like Weight Watchers use the idea of Accountability Groups, where members enter into specific promises and, well, hold each other accountable.

scale too muchImagine that.

(By the way, the phenomenal, international success of Weight Watchers doesn’t come from the boxes of food where you count the calories. It comes from groups of people supporting each other to do what it takes to lose weight.)

Consider this your opportunity to join a very unique group that will encourage you and hold you accountable to making things happen:

The Power Edit VIP Growth Group


An ongoing, virtual, hybrid mastermind/coaching group. Memberships are limited, and all applicants are vetted personally by yours truly, Jeff Bartsch.

• Friends of The Power Edit who are looking to expand or move beyond their current personal, professional, or creative state.
• People who are willing to help and be helped by a like-minded group.

• People who are selfish and refuse to contribute to group discussion.
• People who are stuck in their ways or unwilling to consider different solutions.
• People who can’t maintain confidentiality.

The VIP Growth Group provides a regular environment of personalized coaching and collaborative problem solving. This helps you break through whatever is holding you back from the results you desire.

The group does not replace licensed professional advisors like lawyers, accountants, and therapists. It is not a dating service or a fortune-teller… though I confidently predict that fully engaged members of this group will certainly have a very bright future.

• We meet monthly as a group via videoconference. This allows us to have members from all over but still have genuine face-to-face interaction that phone calls just don’t provide.
• Each member meets one-on-one once a month with me via phone.
• Members and I interact the rest of the month via private Facebook group.

• Much of the discussion will be driven by what’s important to you and what you want to see happen: how to build your career, move from one area of editing to another, achieve more or better creative output, develop your own network or original content, hone your communication skills, how to more effectively interact with your creative team. Or how to build or expand a business around your creative work. You name it.
• I’ll be discussing topics including goal setting and achievement.
• At group request, I will also lead discussion and teaching on advanced editing and storytelling concepts.

Because the odds are HUGE against us doing any of this alone. If you’ve ever taken a burning log out of a fireplace and set it off to the side, it may still burn. But it will burn out much, much sooner without the other burning logs and coals around it.

You can absolutely read books. I’m a huge fan of them, and they’ve changed my life. Reading is not doing, though, and this group is all about taking action. See above answer for “Why should I join.”

You absolutely can. I’ve done the “get together with a couple buddies” thing myself, and it can be a good thing. But it usually fizzles. I can tell you, if you’re looking to actually make things happen in your life, you need some skin in the game – both money and accountability to people who won’t let you slide – and a capable leader.


In short, I do, I teach, and I learn… all three. It’s a rare combination.

Jeff Bartsch• As an editor, I uprooted myself from the Midwest US during my college years. I ran out of money in 1999, dropped out of film school, and started scrambling. Since then I’ve built a life and successful career as a professional storyteller here in Hollywood, the storytelling capital of the world.

• I am booked constantly, averaging 48 weeks of paid editing every year. My work includes credits for ABC, NBC, Universal, Disney, ESPN, MTV, and many others.

EDIT-BETTER-3D-front and back-transparent 478H• As a teacher, I’m a published author with my book Edit Better: Hollywood-Tested Strategies for Powerful Video Editing available worldwide via Amazon, Kindle, Audible, and iTunes. I’ve taught editing at the college level here in LA, and I’ve consulted and conducted multiple rounds of intensive small group editing teaching to creatives from LA, NYC, and lots of places in between.

• As an entrepreneur, I’ve built multiple businesses, of which The Power Edit is my third. It currently serves editors in over 40 countries in 6 continents.

• As a learner, I am personally a member of two ongoing mastermind groups: one consisting of business owners in the Los Angeles area, and a national group of entrepreneurs and business owners who focus on information marketing and publishing. I am a constant student, and I constantly pass on my learnings to the Power Edit community.

Traditional mastermind groups can range from free meet-up groups – do NOT waste your time with them, you will rarely EVER see significant results without financial motivation…

… all the way up to super high end groups – year-long commitments, non-refundable fees due up front, plus 15% additional gross earnings of your business. And you end up meeting every quarter at a mansion on a private island nobody’s ever heard of… for $100,000 a year.

Trust me, $100,000 a year for one of those high-end groups is worth every penny for the right person.

The national mastermind that I joined last year doesn’t cost $100,000 – as of this writing, I just this past week authorized a payment for $17,000 to participate for a second year. We meet as a group quarterly in Atlanta and via phone the other months. Between membership fees, travel, and other expenses, my total investment comes to over $25,000.

And to me, it absolutely is worth it. The caliber of thinking and action taking of the multi-millionaire members of this group is OUTSTANDING.

Here in Los Angeles, the mastermind that I’ve been attending for the last 3 years costs $450 a month to join, or $5400 a year. This group meets in person every month, and has been responsible for huge advancements in my goals and business.

Do not look at membership fees as an expense – as if you were filling up your car at the gas station or buying a loaf of bread at the grocery store.

Membership fees are quite literally an investment in yourself and your future. (Also a great tax deduction – confirm with your tax advisors.)

You have 100% permission to ask yourself:

What am I worth when it comes to achieving the life and results I most desire?

The Power Edit VIP Growth Group monthly membership fees are $250.

You can also choose the 6-month pre-pay option for $1,350
(instead of $1,500, a savings of 10%).

Either you or I may decide at any time that you’re not the right fit for the group. If you’ve prepaid and I make that decision before your time has ended, you will be refunded any membership fees for future months.

Otherwise, all VIP Growth Group membership fees are NON-refundable.

This is very specifically designed for your own good – don’t tell yourself you want to change things and then only stick your toe in the water… you gotta jump in.

Incredible things happen when you do.

Ask me how I know this.

I do offer an advanced, high-value program called The Power Edit Protégé Program. If you apply and are accepted, you will automatically gain access to the VIP Growth Group, plus other high value opportunities customized to you. The investment for Protégé is $12,000 for one year, or $1,083 per month. For further information, email my assistant Carla here:

Did you know willpower and motivation
are not constant?

They’re like rechargeable batteries – they charge up, and they wear down. Or like your physical muscles that get all pumped up for and after a workout, but then they need a recovery day.

So if you feel yourself going back and forth on what you want, or feeling motivated one day and not caring the next, be encouraged – that’s normal.

And that’s why it’s so important not to do this alone.

Imagine a year from now – you look back and say, “This was the most rewarding year ever.”

What would have to happen for that to come true?

I’m here to tell you that it’s far more possible than you ever thought, and this is the group to help you take the next steps forward.

There’s no time like the present.

jeff hs DSC_3839-smReady to make things happen?

Please respond with your answer or any further questions, including questions about Protégé, to my assistant Carla here:

To your storytelling – and life – success,


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