Time to launch

Got a cool video for you. It’s been quite the process  getting to the point where it even exists and is ready for your enjoyment.

It’s like the editor who builds a first assembly. Then come the revisions. Things that work, things that don’t work, things that make you wonder what ever possessed you to think this project had a prayer of being a good idea in the first place.


As it turns out, life is like that too.

Almost 10 years before I sat down to write the words you’re reading, I came up with an idea to help people in their journey to become powerful storytellers through editing.

I started an online business called Editmentor, and the idea was to sell packages of unedited film and video footage as learning tools for people who were learning how to edit. The idea sounded good in theory, but I sucked at turning it into reality.

Since then, fellow Angeleno Misha Tenenbaum started up Editstock.com with the same idea but with FAR better execution than I ever did.

He’s killing it with Editstock, and if you’re looking to expand your creative editing chops with great practice footage and insightful feedback, you should check out what he and his team are doing over there.

Meanwhile, I started The Power Edit with the same desire to help young and growth-minded video and TV editors to grow in their craft. Instead of offering footage, I wanted to offer teaching.

And that’s what I did. Eventually I wrote enough blog posts and emails that they turned into an honest-to-goodness book called Edit Better: Hollywood-Tested Strategies for Powerful Video Editing.

I recruited and oversaw multiple rounds of The Power Edit Academy, a high-level small-group coaching experience.

The Power Edit has expanded to subscribers and readers in well over 40 countries across 6 continents.

And then I lost my way.

I spent almost a year working on projects that – instead of expanding The Power Edit’s reach – left me banging my head against the virtual wall. Kind of like the editor who gets yet another last minute but urgent restructuring of the project by the client who just doesn’t have a clue what he actually wants.

After yet another failed project, I reached a point where I was just plain over it.

Stick in a fork in me, I was done.

Until someone bluntly told me that I was pursuing a path that didn’t line up with who I actually am. That I should pursue a direction informed by the values that I actually care about, not what other people tell me I should pursue.

Here are two of those things I value:

Storytelling. One day, someone asked me what I would do if I could no longer tell stories. I felt like someone had just punched me in the gut. Seriously, if you told me that I would no longer be able to tell stories, you may as well just go Indiana Jones on me, rip my heart out of my chest, and toss it into the nearest trash can.

Teaching. I’ve been teaching in one form or another for most of my life. I love giving back, sharing the lessons I’ve learned, and I freaking LOVE seeing the light turn on in people’s eyes when they learn something new.

Those two things are actually right in line with what we’ve been pursuing all along here at The Power Edit.

Here’s another thing I value:

Making a difference. I believe I’ve been given opportunities and experiences that I’ve not made full use of… that I’ve not given back to the world in the scope that I believe possible.

I want to expand my game, and help the greatest number of storytellers possible to expand theirs.

Which is why I’m launching a reimagined version of The Power Edit called… drum roll please…

Story Greenlight.

Story Greenlight is all about helping content creators to grow in the art of storytelling and video editing to supercharge the impact of their work.

As a friend of The Power Edit, that includes you.

It also includes a much larger group of people than I’d been focusing on before now. And as Story Greenlight continues to grow, more and more storytellers will be empowered to tell the stories that they care about the most.

The first way I’m rolling out Story Greenlight is the launch of a new YouTube channel.

It’s all about ideas to help you in your storytelling, and to have fun while doing it.

So let’s get rolling.

The space shuttle Endeavour flew its last mission in 2011. It was transported to Los Angeles five years ago today.

The 120,000 Million Mile Traveler tells the story of a family trip to the museum that turned into an amazing life lesson. Hopefully it’ll be an inspiration to you too.

After the story itself, I talk about three big ideas behind it and how you can put them into place in your own storytelling.

If you like the video, might you do me a favor? Hit the subscribe button and leave a comment.

I’m excited to expand the mission of The Power Edit into Story Greenlight, and I’d love for you to join me.

It’s time to launch. Let’s build this together.



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