Weird shoes, FCPX, and the sheep barn

Ever seen people walking around in those funky toe shoes? They tend to elicit strong reactions (and did even before the class action lawsuit was filed against their manufacturer):

  • Whoa, those are crazy! Are they comfortable??
  • Eww, those are gross. Get them away.
  • You’re a moron for wearing those things. [sniff loudly]

The people who wear them usually aren’t all that sensitive to other people’s opinions of them. In fact, wearers o’ de toe shoes might even get a kick out of yanking other people’s chain, so to speak.

jefe vibrams in bayConfession: I wore out my first pair and recently bought a new pair.  I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t at least a part of me who wears them to get a reaction from people. I also find them crazy comfortable, which is the main reason I wear them.

But let’s just call a spade a spade here: in a world where everybody’s seeking to be meaningful in some way, wearing toe shoes is an easy, low-stakes way of saying, “I am a non-conformist, I am unique, I’m not like everybody else, dammit.”

Kind of like becoming a Final Cut Pro X evangelist. Throughout my conversations and online interactions with FCPX fans, I’ve directly observed a distinct, recurring attitude that goes something like this:

“This software is the future of editing. By associating myself with it, I become more cool than those out-of-touch morons who don’t. In fact, anyone who tries to say anything in support of any editing software other than X is either a dusty, old dinosaur or a brainless sheep hopelessly disconnected with modern reality. What losers.”

sheep goofyDon’t kid yourself, peeps, it ain’t about the features. Any modern editing software can do pretty much anything you’d ever need it to do. And don’t think for a moment that it’s any coincidence that FCPX – the software that changed some fundamental things about how editing workflow functions – comes from the same company that designed its newest computer to look like a trashcan. Literally.

So let’s be clear: you are not instantly cool because you use FCPX. And you are not instantly a mindless sheep for using anything other than FCPX.

However.  If you think that knowing any particular editing platform means you are instantly capable of telling powerful stories that cause your audience to be glued to their seats… well, you might be closer to the sheep barn than you want to admit.

But I happen to believe you’re way beyond that. If you care as much as I do about playing at the very highest levels of storytelling possible through your video editing, you will benefit by checking out the book that’s been described as follows:

“I can’t even begin to count all the wisdom nuggets in this book. Every one, invaluable.”

“Simply outstanding! I’d even go so far as to describe it as essential reading for the 21st century editor. Please quote me on that.”

“An outstanding and useful bit of writing that shares ‘why’ as well as ‘how.’”

“Jeff is the real deal, and so is his take on the process. Pay attention and you will not just learn how to edit better, but how to edit best.”

So throw on your toe shoes, and click here to stay away from the sheep barn.

ps – don’t worry, I have some choice words for Avid snobs too for a future post.

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